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Just a few notes we'd like to send this month to Lucille Ball, Michael Jordan, Copernicus, Steve Irwin, and Aziz Ansari ...

Lucille Ball Valentine CardTHIS CARD to LUCILLE BALL

Dear Lucy,

You probably get this a lot, but I love you. And seeing that it's almost Valentine's Day, I thought the sentiment would be that much more appropriate.

Because of you, I will always double check to make sure that a walk-in freezer door never latches behind me. Or I at least make sure that I wear the appropriate clothing when entering. I will forever triple check the amount of yeast needed to make a loaf of bread. I always take care and assert the alcohol content in any salad dressing and/or elixir. And although I love eating chocolate, thanks to your and Ethel's demonstration, I do not see myself working for an industrial chocolate manufacturer any time in the near future until I develop better hand-eye coordinated skills. Most of all, I am forever grateful to you for so many laughs over the years. I never knew black and white television could be so fun until I watched your show.

Wherever you are, I hope they love you as much as we all did and still do.

Love, Clayton

Michael Jordan Birthday CardTHIS CARD to MICHAEL JORDAN (born February 17, 1963)

Happy Birthday, Mike!
Can I call you Mike? I think I'm entitled, since the first memories I have of you resulted in me sobbing on my living room floor because you and the Bulls had just beaten my beloved Blazers in the '92 playoffs. But time heals all wounds and in the spirit of your birthday and one of my favorite cards, here is a little playlist for your party!

I Wish by Skee-Lo
Saturday in the Park by Chicago
Be Like Mike
Whoomp There It Is by Tag Team
Hit Em High (The Monstars' Anthem) by B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J and Method Man
Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison

Sincerely, Sarah

Copernicus Birthday CardTHIS CARD to COPERNICUS (born February 19, 1473)

Happy birthday, Copernicus! You really nailed that whole how the universe works thing. A++ smarty pants! 

Sincerely, Margaret

Steve Irwin Birthday CardTHIS CARD to STEVE IRWIN (born February 22, 1962)

Crikey! Can't believe it's already been ten-ish years since you passed, but happy birthday to the man who helped fuel my interest in nature and conservation as a child! I didn't quite understand everything, but my dad thought you were a riot and we would watch your show together in our living room. Happy birthday to THE Crocodile Hunter.

Sincerely, Vee

Aziz Ansari Birthday CardTHIS CARD to AZIZ ANSARI (born on February 23, 1983)

Dear Aziz,

I have two words for you. BOUNCE HOUSE! Or really happy birthday! For being the master of none, you’ve mastered making me laugh and appreciate life for all of its drollest moments. I would also one day like to cast my father as himself in a sitcom.

Sincerely, Sabrina 

(image sources: InStyleESPN, Biography.comy Travel BlogVanity Fair)

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ramona von moritz:

thank you for the love and the laughter!! xoxo Mama vM

Feb 17, 2016

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