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Happy Birthday, Marie Antoinette | Blog | Smudge InkTHIS CARD to Marie Antoinette (born November 2, 1755)

Hey there, your majesty.

So, I think you get a pretty bad wrap in history. You can't be aaaaall that bad. I mean, you sent some French troops over to help the Americans with our Revolution. You also helped the Rococo Art movement flourish. I mean, how dull would it be to look back at that portion of history and not find the whimsy of a towering, starkly white, beehive of a wig and the occasional fake mole? It is, however, unfortunate that you saw the need to live so extravagantly while your people payed outlandish taxes and struggled to get by. And although you may have never actually heartlessly exclaimed, "Let them (the French peasants) eat cake," it is, in fact, an American tradition to eat cake on your birthday. Sooooo, have your cake, Marie Antoinette. I hope you share it at the very least.

Sincerely, Clayton

Happy Birthday, James Naismith | Blog | Smudge InkTHIS CARD to James Naismith (born Nov. 6, 1861)

Happy Birthday, James!

Thanks to your commitment to physical education, people all over the world enjoy the game of basketball. Although we've come a long way from the peach baskets you used in the first basketball game at the YMCA, there's nothing quite like watching the perfect dunk and hearing that magical swish sound. And it's fitting that your birthday is in November, the month that college basketball swings into high gear again! As a longtime fan and player of the game, I'll raise a glass this Thanksgiving in gratitude for your creativity and dedication. Cheers!

Sincerely, Sarah

P.S. You're only one day away from my mom's birthday. Which by the way, happy birthday mom!

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse | Blog | Smudge InkTHIS CARD to Mickey Mouse (born November 18, 1928)

Dear Mickey,

Oh boy! It’s your 88th Birthday! I must say that you’re looking GOOD for your age. It’s hard to believe that in 12 short years, you’ll be 100. How did that happen? I have not been to visit you at the Magic Kingdom since I was 5 years old but my husband and I are thinking this might be the year to “do Disney” with our girls. Even from the most cynical of fellow parents, I hear it’s magical and that you all do one heck of a job putting smiles on faces, children and adult alike. I mean, we could all use some time at the “Happiest Place on Earth” at the moment, couldn’t we? Have a hot-diggety-dog sort of day!

Sincerely, Deb

Happy Birthday, Ben Stiller | Blog | Smudge InkTHIS CARD to Ben Stiller (born November 30, 1965)

Dear Ben,

You’ve played so many memorable characters that it’s hard to say which one is my favorite. One can’t help but root for Gaylord Focker as he seeks to enter the in-law's circle of trust. And it’s hard not to champion Derek Zoolander’s plight (I’ve got the black lung, pop) to take down "Derelicte" mastermind Mugatu. But c’mon, Chas Tenenbaum (and his trusty track suits) is as endearing as it gets. Whatever the situation, from prom night to dodgeball, you go all out and make it hilarious. Thanks for all of the laughs (the kind where it starts to hurt), and hope you have an uproariously funny birthday!!

Sincerely, Sabrina

(image sources:, Kansas Historical Society, Disney, NBC)

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