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Dear Famous Person ... Sincerely, Smudge Ink: October

by Sabrina Garber

Happy Birthday, Julie Andrews | Smudge InkTHIS CARD to Julie Andrews (born October 1, 1935)

Dear Ms. Andrews,

In everything from The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins to Victor/Victoria and The Princess Diaries, you're a complete delight. Thanks for bringing me so many smiles, lots of sing-a-long songs, and great all around memories. Wishing you a super (califragilisticexpialidocious) birthday!


Happy Birthday, Annie Leibovitz | Smudge InkTHIS CARD to Annie Leibovitz (born October 2, 1949)

Oh snap, Annie! It's your birthday! The worlds of photography, music, and fashion are so lucky to have you on this earth! You're responsible for Rolling Stone's intimate and personal photographic moments (ahem, the Rolling Stones and John and Yoko to name a few). You breathe fresh air into Vogue through your editorial venture into hyper realistic/theatrically staged and color-packed shots. You are just one talented and genius of a lady. And I just hope you enjoy another year full of as many memorable shots as you have created throughout the years.


P.S. You're only one day away from my mom's birthday. Which by the way, happy birthday, mom!

Happy Birthday, Deb | Smudge InkTHIS CARD to Deb Bastien (born October 2)

Dear Deb,

How do we possibly top the person who whips up the British Bake Off worthy cakes for the rest of our celebrations despite being entirely overcommitted? From your baking to your mathematical problem solving (as the rest of us look for our calculators), your box-making to your rock ballad singing (preferably while listening to Delilah), your oh-I’m-just-going-to-run/hike/climb-through-the-pain attitude to your cat animal spirit (who knew?!), it’s no wonder we stand by our motto, What Would Deb Do (WWDD?). Happy birthday to the one who doesn't like to toot her own horn (wait, Clayton IS a younger version of you)!!

All of Us

Happy Anniversary, President and First Lady Obama | Smudge InkTHIS CARD to President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (wed October 3, 1992)

Dear President and First Lady Obama,

So Mr. President, I have to say that you are the luckiest man on Earth to be married to the inspiring force that is Michelle. You sure know class, style, and substance when you see it. But rather than write a gushing love letter to your wife (you go, Michelle!), I will merely wish the both of you a truly happy 24th anniversary!


Happy Birthday, Bob Ross | Smudge InkTHIS CARD to Bob Ross (born October 29, 1942)

Dear Bob,

A very very happy birthday to you! I never watched "The Joy of Painting" while it was on TV, but I've been catching up on episodes on Netflix and it is such a JOY to watch! Though I have no talent for painting landscapes, your gentle demeanor and encouraging words make me feel like I could grab a palette knife and create any type of woodsy scene full of happy little trees and clouds. Thank you for sharing your love for nature and painting with the world, and for warming my heart with all those clips of your pet squirrel Peapod. Hooray for you, Bob!


(image sources: Biography.comThe Wall Street Journal, Arielle Doneson PhotographyInStyle, and The New York Times)


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