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Calligraphy and Lettering by Leveret & Hare

Jenny Milwid is the creative force behind Leveret & Hare. We've been an admirer of her calligraphy and lettering from the moment we caught a glimpse of her Instagram feed. And lucky us, she was all on board when we approached her about collaborating on a new wedding invitation suite! Pairing...

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Inspiration Behind The Modern Gentleman's Note Cards

Growing up, my mother always lovingly forced me to write thank you's. It has now become a good habit, but as I've gotten older, I've noticed the selection of cards that I am drawn towards has gotten slimmer and slimmer. The desire to find a card that was simple, sincere, and handsome to the eye was the...

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Getting Organized: Perpetual Calendar

Mailing cards to my friends and family in a TIMELY manner has never been my forte. The belated birthday card was created for folks like me. A part of me knows it’s the thought that counts, but another part is shaking its finger at me for letting this habit of...

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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Book Lover

As a reading addict myself, I think fellow bookworms are relatively easy and fun to shop for. You can contribute to their growing library or get creative with literature-related accessories. If you're feeling overwhelmed, I got you covered. Just check out my recs for the book lovers below (also known as my personal wish list!). 1) For...

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Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Best Gal

Meaghan agrees there’s nothing better than spoiling your friends, which is why her gift guide is all about shopping for your best gal! From cute to functional to both, your BFF is guaranteed to love ‘em. 1) I love film cameras because you’re forced to develop your pictures rather than...

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