• image description
    Sarah von Moritz sales manager

    children’s lit devotee / around-the-world citizen / your non-stereotypical college football buff

  • Clayton Beltran illustrator

    budding tailor / raised on an almond farm / mildly over confident about his first new england winter (he thinks a pea coat will do)

  • image description
    Sabrina Garber social media and custom projects manager

    stays-way-too-late employee / human zagat guide / caffeinated (which feeds into staying way too late)

  • image description
    DEB BASTIEN special projects

    overscheduler in denial (no is not in her vocabulary) / winter snow storm enthusiast / treat day czar

  • image description
    EMILY GOODALE creator of e.b. goodale line

    sriracha peddler (you know you want some) / cat rescuer & illustrator / tiny things collector