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DIY Desk Pad Using Gift Wrap | Smudge InkHi, it’s Vee again! Sunday, March 20th is the first day of Spring, and that means it’s definitely time for some spring cleaning. Throw open the windows, let in the fresh (and hopefully warmer) air, and grab a garbage bag. Or eight. Personally, my room is in desperate need of some reorganizing. I have a bad habit of just sort of tossing papers and pens all over the place and leaving them to waste away, leaving me totally lost when the time comes for me to find anything.

Luckily, we’ve found a couple tutorials on how to upcycle old cereal boxes, cans, and pieces of cardboard into ways to organize your desk. On top of it we’ve used Smudge Ink wrapping paper to brighten it up and make it look pretty rad. There are great patterns to choose from but I ended up sticking with just two I really loved together to keep it simple!

DIY Desk Pad Using Gift Wrap | Smudge InkI followed this tutorial to make the magazine/paper holder, and April donated an old tin for tea to use as a pencil cup. No more losing papers or pens for me!

There’s also this beautiful tutorial for how to make a fabric desk pad, though mine is made from an old box and decorated with Smudge Ink gift wrap to match the other organizational pieces I’d already made.

DIY Magazine Holder Using Cereal Box | Smudge InkI still have to scour my room and throw out and donate things I don’t need or want anymore, but as far as organizing goes I’ve got a great headstart here! I’m positive that this spring cleaning will be super successful and super stylish!