Smudge Ink is a small band of illustrators, printers, and wordsmiths brought together by an inexplicable devotion to snail mail. We create lighthearted, punchy greetings with a knack for making you grin. From the initial sketch to the umpteenth print run, we live by creativity, color, and craftsmanship. Our happy place is a mailbox stuffed with real mail (think: made of paper, written with a pen, sealed in an envelope, no wi-fi necessary). We love that what we do helps others connect, celebrate, and have fun! Permission to bust out the party hats, granted always.

So take a look around—you can even wear your slippers—does shopping get any better than that?

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Check out our stacks.

Smudge Ink offers a full line of stationery products, including greeting cards, boxed notes, calendars, notepads, wrapping paper, gift tags, writing sets, and more. We proudly make all of our products locally. Our letterpress products are printed by us in our studio in Boston, and our growing line of offset-printed (or flat-printed) products is produced right here in Massachusetts.

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and take pride in making a conscious effort to recycle and reuse almost everything in our working studio. We source post-consumer recycled paper and envelopes for all products. We also partner with companies who actively engage in and encourage environmentally responsible practices.

Class List


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    Sarah von Moritz sales manager

    children’s lit devotee / around-the-world citizen / your non-stereotypical college football buff

  • Clayton Beltran illustrator

    budding tailor / raised on an almond farm / mildly over confident about his first new england winter (he thinks a pea coat will do)

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    Sabrina Garber social media and custom projects manager

    stays-way-too-late employee / human zagat guide / caffeinated (which feeds into staying way too late)

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    DEB BASTIEN special projects

    overscheduler in denial (no is not in her vocabulary) / winter snow storm enthusiast / treat day czar

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    EMILY GOODALE creator of e.b. goodale line

    sriracha peddler (you know you want some) / cat rescuer & illustrator / tiny things collector

Giving Back
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Help us help others.

We make charitable contributions to causes we are passionate about. Below are some of the organizations we have supported:

WE CANCircle of WomenRosie’s Place, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), The One Fund, Greater Boston Food Bank, Breakthrough Cambridge, Courageous Sailing, Community Cooks


Smudge Ink products can be found in over 900 retailers around the country and worldwide. Our retailers range from small boutiques and independent bookstores to florists, art supply stores, and more. Curious if there’s a retailer near you? Contact us and we can send you a list of where you might find our products. Or, head to our online store and shop away!

Are you a buyer interested in ordering our products for your store? Visit our wholesale page for more information.

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