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Smudge Ink Good Bad Ugly May 2016THE GOOD. The National Stationery Show was great fun (see Part 1 of my recap here), and we got a whole bunch of orders! Now, we're busy little bees printing cards and stocking up on envelopes and packaging materials so we can fill orders and get them out the door in a timely fashion. We're all pitching in as much as possible to make this happen. The post-show flurry of activity is a little overwhelming but most definitely all good! 

THE BAD. The studio is SO MESSY! All of the last-minute prep for the National Stationery Show left this place in total disarray. To make matters worse, we were too exhausted after unloading our cars that we piled everything in a rather large and unsightly heap right inside the entryway. Fortunately, we do have a big clean-up day planned! It's a chance for us to reorganize (like filing that large pile of paperwork on my desk!), purge (errr, how have we accumulated not one but two broken chairs?), and bust out the Pine Sol (those floors are getting a good mopping).     

THE UGLY. Google Trends mapped the top "how to spell" searches for words by state, and apparently, we need help with the spelling of our own home state.