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Every summer we take a break for a day and venture out of the studio for our annual summer outing. The intention is to have some fun, get to know each other outside of work and enjoy some time outside. Previous outings have involved berry picking, mini golf and a visit to the harbor islands (in an unexpected thunderstorm, naturally). Deb suggested something different this year, and so this past July we drove up to Moraine Farm in Beverly and took a Project Adventure course. We spent a half day learning quirky and interesting facts about each other, and we took on some crazy fun physical challenges like walking across wires together (1 ft off the ground) and logs too (3 stories high). It was a blast! The combination of outdoor fun with challenges and team bonding mixed in seemed to work well for our group. Plus, we learned something about each other and ourselves along the way. Best summer outing yet. Thanks, Deb!


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