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Back in June, we ran a fun giveaway contest for a chance to win personalized stationery and a thank you note log. Our winner was Doug Lane, who we learned is a fellow pen and paper enthusiast behind the blog Modern Stationer. Doug requested that we design note cards for his two young sons and budding letter writers, Spencer and Milo.

The design was inspired by South Korea from where both boys were adopted. When Doug mentioned that Spencer had put a “love lock” on the N Seoul tower for him and Milo on their last trip, we immediately knew we had to include this iconic landmark. With the help of the boys’ mother who had already drawn the tower, we finished the rest of the city skyline and chose a blue and orange palette, blue being Spencer’s favorite color.

The day Doug brought Spencer to Smudge Ink is one we won’t forget. Before we even saw him, we could hear Spencer’s spirited voice from the hallway.  Spencer entered the shop full of energy and curiosity. He introduced himself to every member of the Smudge Ink staff with a bright smile and a warm hug. Sabrina and Emily gave our two visitors a tour of print room and explained the process of creating letterpress cards. Spencer was eager to touch and see everything. He fired question after question and quickly took on the role of Emily’s little helper, watching carefully as she worked the Heidelberg Windmill press to print out his custom cards and envelopes.  When Emily presented the first print run of his note cards, Spencer kissed them and proudly posed for a few photos.

After the tour, Spencer was ready for his dad to take him to Shake Shack but before he left, he professed his love for Sabrina, grabbed a couple printouts of his card to show to his little brother Milo and waved goodbye to our staff.  It was a great day at the Smudge Ink studio and we loved having Doug and Spencer visit us.