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We like to joke that Smudge Ink has a satellite in Mexico City. We were (and still are) in major denial when Sanya moved there for the adventure of a lifetime. Even more than three years later, we meet and talk about Sanya as if she’s cranking the presses right alongside Emily and Margaret. 

So you can imagine our excitement when Sanya emailed saying she had found and moved her first Heidelberg press into her studio space. It was official —Heidi here at Smudge Ink had a sister! The photos of the move are pretty incredible (and so is that graffiti). Here’s what Sanya had to say about it:

I found the Heidelberg in good condition through old-school printing connections here in my neighborhood. It’s been great meeting these old guys, who although they are seeing their craft dying, are really passionate about sharing knowledge and keeping it alive. I'm on the look-out for a Vandy look-a-like as well. Vandercooks are few and far between down here, but there are other "rol de pruebas" that do the same thing, so hopefully one comes my way. (Another crane? I hope not!)

Sending warm sun-rays y abrazos grandes,

We'll keep you posted as Sanya sets up Santa Rosa Letterpress (website and more to come!). For now, welcome to the family, Haidee!