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Teachers are some of the most important people in our lives. They inspire us, challenge us, push us, sometimes frustrate us, but most of all, they teach us and they help us grow. While brainstorming a blog post in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week (from May 4 to May 8), the conversation led us to appreciatively recall the ones who were there for us in our very first year of school—our kindergarten teachers. 

Seeing as we have a kindergartner “handy” here at Smudge Ink, I conducted a short interview to see what she had to say about her kindergarten teacher. (Incidentally, this particular 6-year old currently has no front teeth, and looks like she has fangs, thus the aptly named “interview with the kindergartner.”) Her written responses to my questions are below. I hope that after reading them, Abigail's teacher will know how excited her students are about learning thanks to her. 

Also, download our free printable teacher appreciation card for your kids to fill out and give to their teachers! Simply print onto a letter size sheet of card stock, cut along the lines, and write. The card fits in a 7.25” x 5.25" (A7) envelope.