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2017 Bucket List | Blog | Smudge InkI find it energizing to break open a new calendar every January 1st. It's almost as though you gift yourself 365 new days of possibilities. As we turned the page on 2016, I asked everyone here: what's one thing you’re excited about doing/getting done in the new year? 

CLAYTON. Where to begin? My bucket seems so full. If I'd have to choose one thing from my very heavy bucket (list) for 2017, it would have to be to make better use of the sewing machine some of my friends gave me for my birthday last year (thanks Emma, Jen, and Mike!). First things I'm going to sew in the new year will be for them!

ZOÁRD. 2017 will be the year I master the Risograph I bought last year, and then assemble some other like-minded creative types and start a small publishing house. We would publish mostly collaborations as small books, zines, pamphlets, editioned artworks from artists of all concentrations and of all communities focusing on the Boston area, but also the global community. 2017 is hopefully also the year my wife, Erica, and I finally get out to Europe again and put our eyeballs all over as much art as they can stand.

HALEY. This year, I really want to improve my skills in the kitchen. I say this every year but I'm already off to a good start, so I'm excited to see how I do!

ALLISON. I would like to hike at least 5 trails in New Hampshire and Maine. This will be my first full year after graduating college so I plan on getting my hobbies back and adding some new ones! 

GEORGE. My big goal for 2017 is to finally start saving for the restoration of my 1968 Porsche 912. I inherited the car in 2012 after it had been parked for 30 years or so. The floorboards are a little tender, and the seals and fuel lines will likely need to be replaced, but the body and interior are solid. I'm hoping it might be roadworthy by the summer of 2018! 

SARAH. I ran my first half marathon in 2016 and would love to do a couple more in 2017 with the goal of improving my time and overall running ability. 

SABRINA. 2017 will be the year my husband and I buy our first home. We've been looking for longer than we'd like to admit. Others started searching after us and are now way past their first housewarming party. I still get listings and tips from friends every other week. If they haven't given up on us, then we certainly can't lose hope!

APRIL. This year I want to 1) meet my new niece, 2) take a for-real-non-working vacation, and 3) make at trip to the west coast! 

ERIN. This year I'd like to do more art for fun. I have a lot of artistic projects I need to work on, but I think it's important to take the time to do something I enjoy—whether it's painting seaweed or finally making those Star Wars paper dolls I've been thinking about for years. Also, I moved three months ago and I'd love to finally get those last few boxes off my floor!