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OK, so he's not exactly a newbie. Clayton joined the team as our mighty illustrator (with added DJ responsibilities) this past fall. Admittedly, we feared he would regret leaving California’s sun and surf. But nine months later, after the worst winter ever, three flats (on his bike), and our calendar/holiday/spring release, Clayton has earned his east coast stripes! So what is it about his new home city that has enchanted him so? We asked Clayton to let us in on his Boston favorites to find inspiration, refuel, get around, and just enjoy. Read on!

Can't Get Enough Of ...

THE SEASONS: Where I live in California, it never snows. However, winter here proved to be a grand adventure. Others may disagree. The spring? Worth the wait. Autumn? Breathtaking! Summer? I may have a different story. I don’t do well with humidity.

ARCHITECTURE: You name it, I probably like it—if and only if it was built any time before 1910. Whether colonial or victorian, Bostonians takes humble pride in the restoration of buildings. The buildings never seem overly extravagant, but rather purposeful and beautifully crafted.

SIGNAGE: A giant old scaffolded letter or word juxtaposed against a crisp blue or dark black sky really makes me want to stop in awe—that or be tempted to climb it.

First, Let's Talk Caffeine Fix ... 

DIESEL CAFE: By far, my favorite place to work. Eclectic industrial vibe with a bike rack out front. Also no internet which works well for me—forces me to not get distracted.

PEET'S (Harvard Square): Best Chai Latte around. Also, just over the Charles from my apartment.

TRIANGLE COFFEE: Always carries Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Sunset Black Tea ... and happens to be located where I rock climb.

Eating On The Go, and Possible Celeb Sightings ... 

NEWTOWNE GRILLE: Friends/How I Met Your Mother/Seinfeld spot. Seriously, my friends and I sit in the same booth almost every time. Great pizza affordably priced, homemade root beer, beer, and jukebox. Need I say more? ... Oh ya, thanks Jen for this divvy introduction!

BARTLEY'S: Beyonce Burger? With jalapeños and pepper jack? Yes, please! Oh and yes, it is true. B.J. Novak has eaten there. Cash only.

FALAFEL CORNER: Praise the Lord for something in Cambridge/Somerville open past 12:00am! I work late on occasion. Can you say late night Lamb Schwarma?

I Love Me A Good Cocktail ...

BEAT HOTEL: Three words: Hippie Jazz Chic. Very eclectic. Live music. Good mixed drinks. A very bright and social bar. I met a group of Spaniards last time I was there. The group included Helena Bonham Carter and Nate Ruess Spanish doppelgangers.

RUSSELL HOUSE TAVERN: Love me a dark classy tavern of a bar. The kicker? Free matches! Not just any matches. The most beautiful box of matches you’ve ever seen: balsa wood, black sulfur, and a beautiful black and white image of the old house on the front.

SILVERTONE: Provides the second most beautiful box of free matches. Also, STEAK TIPS! The closest thing, my friend Jen says, us West Coasters will ever get to Tri-Tip while here on the East Coast.

See The Sights or Get Outta Town ...

BUNKER HILL MONUMENT: Historical. Large grassy nulls. Ample dog watching. Pure bliss.

ISABELLA STEWART GARDNER MUSEUM: Four story courtyard open garden. Mismatched and funkily curated artwork. Home of stolen Rembrandt paintings. Who done it? My vote: Pierce Brosnon. It happened in the 90’s (Thomas Crown Affair anyone?). Only joking of course.

VERMONT: Eat your heart out Kate Winslet’s character in The Holiday. Quaint. Cozy. And bohemian without being toooo bohemian. Vermont + Cottage + Emma + Jen + Clayton = ample supply of shenanigans and good food.

Getting From Point A to Point B ...

HARRY CONNICK JR. (MY BIKE): My main mode of transportation. Sunny days, pot holes, collisions, snow, black ice, and near misses. We’ve been through a lot my friend. We’ve been through a lot.

THE T: Best way to get around when good ole Harry is temporarily out of commission. May be cleanest subway ever. And thanks for the Charlie card, Alex! Super handy.