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Wow, it’s hard to believe that the National Stationery Show has already come and gone! This trade show is our biggest one of the year and something we start preparing for months and months in advance. So when I say we spent all of 2015 so far gearing up for 3.5 days in the Javits Center, it's no joke!

Knowing all of the sweat and tears that goes into a trade show, first thing you want to do is get retailers and potential customers excited about coming to your booth. The pre-show mailer is an excellent opportunity to do just that. This year we decided to give attendees a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the days leading up to the show. The idea came about after Clayton, having never experienced a trade show himself, wanted to know what actually goes on in preparation. We told him all about the good, the bad, and the ugly, and then he turned it into a mailer.

RECAP: Everything fit in Kate's hatchback (and Deb's mom's SUV). It was fairly quick drive to NYC, only to get stuck in a street demonstration as soon as we hit the car dealerships along 11th Avenue. When we arrived inside the Javits, crates completely overtook our aisle but fortunately none had been left in our booth. But it still made for a good photo op. Kate and I got started on the booth before Deb arrived with her to-scale booth plans. We messed up and had to start again. That's what happens when you veer from the map.  

RECAP: We still only have one step stool (gifted to us by our friends at flip & tumble). But fortunately we replaced the rickety IKEA death trap—I mean, chairswith something more sturdy, upping the safety factor. After a long day, everyone retired to their couches. Well, some of us have graduated to actual beds now. Both Kate and Deb enjoyed their morning runs; Deb in Central Park, and Kate in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I enjoyed my snooze button.   

RECAP: We've finally learned to avoid the Starbucks line in the Javits at all costs. Instead, we rely on an extensive call tree where the first person to come across a Starbucks on his/her commute gets everybody's orders. This often leads to confusing texts and having no idea why there is a Mexican hot drink waiting for you. (Wait, I thought you wanted an olé, says Clayton.) Caffeine aside, I have to say we were thrilled to show off our new corner booth! It filled up with customers pretty quickly, and I didn't even have to wear the sandwich board!   

RECAP: Oh So Beautiful Paper hosted another amazing rooftop party (thanks, Nole!). That's how the crew looks like after being in the Javits for an extended period of time. We're hoping the effects are not long term.