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If you’re nuts for pretty coffee table books, then we’ve got a new one to add to your collection! Kseniya Thomas and Jessica White, the original ladies behind the Ladies of Letterpress, have published a beautiful compilation of print work among their members. And Smudge Ink is lucky to be among its pages! I finally had a moment to flip through the book with a cup of coffee the other day. (Thanks to my husband and Kate's dad who both saw it at a book store and promptly bought us copies because it’s not every day you see your name in print. And plus, they are our personal PR assistants).

I really enjoyed seeing the range of styles and designs and learning about the other 80+ artists and studios who also contributed. One of the great features of the book is that each featured printer has its own perforated page that it can be torn out and used as a poster for framing and hanging. This book truly celebrates the supportive and enthusiastic community of women printers to which we are proud to belong.  

(image: Look, Heidi, Handsome, and Cookie's names are in print!)

(image: our featured greeting cards and custom projects)

(images left to right: wonderful work from printshops, Letterpers, The Permanent Collection, and Constellation & Co. that caught my eye)

(image: our signature poppy design ready to be turned into wall art)