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In honor of National Ice Cream Month—which we really celebrate all summer long—we put everyone to the test and threw an ice cream tasting competition. The flavor: coffee. Is there a better one? Everyone was allowed to enter their favorite brand, and then Kate and I went shopping at the local grocery store to round out the mix. There were nine contestants in total, and we covered each so that the taste test would be completely blind. I have to say no one took their judging responsibilities lightly. We’re talking about some advanced palettes here. After some deliberation, everyone was forced to write down their favorite coffee ice cream out of the nine contenders. Read on to find out the winners  ...

As you can see from the photos, each spoonful was given some serious consideration. Once the votes had been counted, we ended up with a tie between ice cream B and F! The winners were revealed to be Three Twins Milk Coffee and Ben & Jerry's Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz! (shown below). But honorable mention goes to Clayton's ice cream pick which he made from scratch at home!