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Summer is all about hanging out with friends as you enjoy good food and thirst-quenching drinks. An ice cold beer comes to mind as a nice way to beat the heat. It so happens that this Friday is International Beer Day (first Friday of every August), and I thought we would raise our glasses to everyone's favorite brews! One of us was even inspired to write a poem ...

MARGARET. Guinness. Tried and true. They even say it's good for you. Dark, bitter, creamy and sweet. Serve with an ice cream float for a special treat! 

SARAH. I'm a sucker for Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, which includes cherries and honey for a sweet and fruity taste. I was so struck by the flavor that I still remember the first time I tried it, while watching pre-season football in August 2003. After Bud Light Lime won a Bad Beer Tasting Party I attended, it has been a sentimental favorite, best when paired with enchiladas. But my favorite beer to pair with spicy food, or any food for that matter, is Negra Modelo, a Munich Dunkel Lager that my friends Claudia and Skip introduced me to one summer.

EMILY. Notch brews out of several different locations in New England, including Ipswich Ale Brewery. Their Session Pils is a czech style lager that is crisp and tasty. I like it because it is less bitter than some pilsners and more flavorful than your standard light, summer beer. Tastes good, isn't a snobby IPA, and sold across the street from my house. Hows that for some educated beer critique?! (Emily crushes it with the photo above.)

CLAYTON. A Session with Doctor Nandu by Aeronaut Brewery includes grapefruit notes and more than your average amount of hops for a typical American Pale Ale (closer to a mild IPA I might say). I also have to give a shout out Dust Bowl Brewing Company, a brewery close to my hometown. Therapist is an IPA that boasts extra hops, citrus flavors, and a hint of pine. The kicker: 10.4% alcohol! "Another beverage sir?" Response: "No, I think I'm all set for the next two hours. Thanks." Not sure what my top two favorite beers say about me really ... "A Session with Doctor Nandu" and "Therapist." Mildly concerning? 

KATE. I'm always open to trying new gluten free beers, but after 15 years of consistent exploration, Bard's is my overall favorite (shown above). It's tasty, goes well with pretty much anything, and let's be honest: I'm a sucker for good branding.

ZOÁRD. Okay, beer. One of my favorite beers for a long time now has been Berkshire Brewing Company's Steel Rail Pale Ale. It's best super fresh (I recommend a growler) and tastes like black iced tea. This PA's my summertime go-to.

SABRINA. Friends will attest that I am quite the lightweight when it comes to alcoholic beverages of all types. But I do enjoy beer. I'm just not a connoisseur by any means. My favorites are TsingTao, Sapporo and Kirin Ichiban mainly because of how often I go out for Chinese and Japanese food! I also eat tacos a lot which I quite enjoy with a Corona and lime.

DEB. My go-to is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The other beer I like—probably because I used to live right around the corneris pretty much anything that comes out of Trillium Brewery. The Fort Point and Congress Street Ales are my favorites. Some of their beer is bottled now, but I think most people still get their growlers filled right there. It’s very guy-wanting-to-talk-with-the-brewers-about-beer heavy, which usually means a long line. To top it off, I’ve found that one particular 6-year old girl doesn’t like the smell. So, leave yourself a little time and don’t bring a 6-year old with you to the brew house!