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I was very excited when Emily started working on her line of charming letterpress notepads. They’ve been a popular product ever since they landed in our shop, and not surprisingly, we all proudly display them on our desks here at the studio as well as at home. I’ve had to replenish my notepads quite a few times already. See below for some ways we’ve enjoyed using them.

Bear Letterpress Notepad(image: gift message)

The combination of E.B. Goodale’s illustrations and the one-of-a-kind nature of letterpress makes the notepads feel extra special. I often use a sheet to write a message in lieu of a card when sending gifts. I am loving the little black bear these days.

Deer Letterpress Notepad(image: to-do list)

Kate is an avid listmaker. Y'know the kind that need to write it down afterwards just so they can check it off? Yes, that kind! She's been keeping these notepads close by so she can stay on top of the big priorities for the week.

Fox Letterpress Notepad(image: lunch note)

Deb stocks her kitchen with a notepad or two. They're handy for jotting down recipe notes and grocery lists. But she especially likes to use them to write lunch notes to her girls. She never misses a day!

What's your favorite way to use our letterpress notepads? We'd love to know!