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Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards!

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards | Smudge InkHello, hello! My name is Meaghan, and I'm a senior at Lesley University College of Art and Design studying Illustration. I'm back at Smudge Ink as their intern (some of you may remember me from last year's Thanksgiving post when I designed these place cards) and couldn't be happier. 

Last semester, I was studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. One of the many incredible facts I learned about living in Dublin was that what we know as strictly Thanksgiving-leftover sandwiches (stuffing, cranberries, turkey, etc) is just a common, everyday sandwich there. Talk about fortuitous news for me! Still, all of the Irish "Thanksgiving" sandwiches in the world can't beat a Thanksgiving back home in New Hampshire. Thanksgiving in the my house is the best: waking up at 7AM to the fire alarm, setting up the dining room (which we only use twice a year), eating dinner in our pajamas, and falling asleep during the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special. We gather for the food, but stay for the family time.

Printable Smashing! Pumpkins Place CardIn coming up with ideas for this year's Thanksgiving place cards, I decided to channel Smudge Ink's love of wordplay. We also threw in a nice little wreath and gourds place card if you're just not into puns (what?!). Click the links below to download and print the free printables (either by design or all four designs):

Hope you enjoy using them when you gather around the table on Thanksgiving, and happy eating! 

    Printable Cran-tastic Cranberry Sauce Place Card
    Update: This was originally written and posted in 2015. We're sharing again now because these place cards are so darn cute!