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Groundhog Day As we wait to find out whether Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow tomorrow, I asked the crew what their favorite Bill Murray movie is. Read on to find out whether Groundhog Day made the list ...

CLAYTON. 1970's starlets hold a special place in the directorial heart of Quentin Tarantino. For Wes Anderson, the casting soft spot leans towards Angelica Huston, and none other than Mr. Bill Murray. Anderson's plots may leave me feeling disillusioned and sometimes apathetic, but visually, his movies remain ceaselessly stunning. Ergo, my favorite Bill Murray is a toss up between The Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Darjeeling Limited. I vote the former—stop motion animation based on a Roll Dahl classic. What's not to love really?

EMILY. I think mine is actually Groundhog Day! I sincerely love almost every movie that Bill Murray is in, but something about Groundhog Day makes me want to watch it over and over and over ... Seriously though, I've probably watched that movie at least 10 times and I never get sick of the humor, the story, or the cozy little town.

KATE. Ghostbusters. It's a fun movie with a silly story line that made me laugh—Bill Murray tends to do that. Plus, the soundtrack is unforgettable.

MARGARET. IT'S GROUNDHOG DAY! My sister and I used to watch this movie all the time when we were kids. It impacted our lives to the point of our dad playing Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" every morning to get us out of bed for about a year.

DEB. There are a lot of movies I like but that doesn't mean I'll watch them over and over again. Groundhog Day is an exception. I'll stop channel surfing immediately if it happens to be on and it never gets old. A close second is What About Bob? In high school, my brother and his good friend caddied together at the nearby golf club, so they would naturally spend a good amount of their time watching and quoting Caddyshack (not on my list). One time, that same friend drove to New Hampshire to visit my family on vacation. I have a very distinct memory of his utter excitement upon driving by a sign for Lake Winnipesaukee (the setting for What About Bob?) on Interstate 93N and discovering that it’s a real place. I have no idea if the movie was actually filmed there, but whenever I watch it, I can’t help but thinking of this family friend.

SABRINA. I'll have to go with What About Bob? "I'm sailing! I'm sailing! I sail! I'm sailiiiing!” While I love Murray's characters in Wes Anderson movies, his earlier comedies are such classics. 

VEE. My favorite Bill Murray film is probably The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I’ve always loved the ocean and marine life, my whole family scuba dives and spends plenty of time by the ocean. I always found the movie fun and corny and it’s got that classic Wes Anderson vibe. I’ve always wanted to have a Team Zissou outfit.