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Fall Equinox

by Smudge Admin

Hello! My name is Lily and I am the fall intern at Smudge Ink. I’m a junior Art History major at Boston College with a love for all things paper. When I’m not riding the B line, you can find me drinking Hazelnut coffee and spending my paycheck on greeting cards for my collection. I am so excited to be interning here this fall to see the production side of my favorite industry!

I'm also very happy to meet you and share my first blog post.

apple by alberto romero on flickr

Tomorrow is the Fall Equinox, marking the official transition from the dog days of summer to the crisp air of autumn. While this means saying goodbye to unlimited ice cream cones and weekend beach trips, fall is here with its own checklist of excitement. Here is a list of my fall must-dos:

  • Soak in the excellence of a freshly picked apple; bake it, eat it, drink it - whatever - just get as much juicy goodness in as you can.
  • Take a weekend road trip through New England and be wowed by the changing leaves; just don’t forget to look at the road once and awhile!
  • Appreciate the fact that you are the perfect temperature all the time in whatever you are wearing.
  • Don your favorite football jersey and whip up some game day snacks to cheer on your team.
  • Exercise your skill with a paring knife and transform a pumpkin into a glowing masterpiece
  • Get organized for the impending holiday season and all the excitement that entails!

Happy fall, friends. Enjoy!

[photo credit: Alberto Romero]

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