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Map of Boston Note Card | April May for Smudge InkWe recently welcomed the April May for Smudge Ink line, featuring her colorful maps of our favorite zip codes, neighborhoods, and coastlines! Whether it’s somewhere you called home, currently live, visited and want to go back, places definitely make their mark on us. It’s not surprising that we have an unending fascination with maps and the places they represent.

Being in Boston, we have naturally grown quite attached to its neighborhoods and surrounding areas. But if you had to pick just one, where would you call your favorite stomping ground? Here's where you'll find us ...

CLAYTON. I'm partial to Allston. There are a few gems there that include a handful of fun dive bars (ehem, The Silhouette and Model Cafe) as well as some scrumptious eateries (among my favorites: Deep Ellum, Thai Place, and Lone Star). It's basically the Brooklyn of Boston.

APRIL. My favorite neighborhood is Brighton. My husband (then boyfriend) and I lived there right after college in a teeny apartment that I loved. It was a surprisingly quiet and cozy area with Comm Ave and the Green Line and the convenience and commotion of city living just two minutes away. I didn't need a car and there was park nearby that I used as my backyard for summertime naps and reading; it was the best.

SARAH. My favorite neighborhood is Brookline for one simple reason—Brookline Booksmith! Since I moved to Boston in 2006 the Booksmith has been my favorite bookstore. It's my go-to for gifts, must-reads for myself, browsing on lazy Saturdays and events. Alas I can't exist on books alone, so lucky for me around the corner from the Booksmith is my favorite place to grab a burger and drink, Hops N Scotch, and up the street in Washington Square is the amazing Athan's. If you haven't had the good fortune to try their pastries go there! Now!

ERIN. I'm going to pick Somerville. It was my first home when I moved to Boston five years ago. There are so many great restaurants and shops in the area. Though I live in Malden now (which is also turning out to be pretty great!), I'll always love to go back and visit Somerville.

DEB. I can’t help but call Fort Point my favorite as I’m still emotionally connected after living there for many years. During that time, more and more good restaurants popped up and the oh-so-close Greenway became more beautiful by the year. One downside: evening commuter hour. It can be one heck of a jam. Keep at it, Fort Point and please, please retain some of your personality amidst all the construction. Hopefully we’ll meet again someday (like later this week for dinner).

SABRINA. Now that I think about it, I’d have to say Chinatown is my favorite neighborhood. Before I even lived in Boston, it was the start and end of so many bus rides (back when Chinatown bus meant just that!). Luckily, these days I go for the dumplings/Szechuan fish/pea-pod stems and no longer the bus. I love seeing the mahjong players in the court yard as the little kids run around with their pals.