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I love Halloween! I’m not so much into the haunted houses and scary aspects but the dressing up is right up my alley. My mom always made my costumes, and it was fun thinking of ideas and then watching them come to life. My favorite Halloween costume as a kid: a dalmation! I loved it so much I wore it two years in a row. Now I get to have fun making costumes with my two boys. Here are some amazing kids’ costumes I've been drooling over to inspire you!

Halloween Costume Inspiration

1. Ice Cream Sundae
This one is great for babies! Easy to make with some tape, felt, and whatever onesies and leggings you already have laying around. Get the tutorial from Primary.

2. Madeline
I'm a sucker for book-inspired costumes, and this one is too sweet. No sewing required if you already have a blue dress. Find all the details and adorable photos on Say Yes.

3. Chicken
I have loved this particular costume for years. Something about it is so hilariously perfect. I don't know how practical it is with all of those feathers, but it's hard to resist, right?! Get the tutorial from Martha Stewart. 

4. Fox
This is for people who have a little more sewing experience than I do since there's a pattern involved. I also think you could easily adapt this by modifying a red sweatsuit. A little paint here and there, add a tail and some ears, and you're good to go. Get the pattern at Running With Scissors.

5. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
CUTE! And so simple. You probably already have some overalls and your kiddo will love helping to make that awesome cookie. Get the tutorial at The House that Lars Built.

I hope you have a wonderful and sugar-filled Halloween!