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Holiday Gift Guide: Foodie

holiday gift guide for the foodie

1) Kate Spades’s Recipe Box is a great gift that can be filled with a few of your favorite recipes to add a personal touch!

2) Set the tone of your foodie gift with this macaron gift wrap!

3) Sometimes things get too busy to whip up a homemade meal, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice something delicious! These croissants make the perfect gift for any busy foodie to pop in the oven on short notice.

4) This festive seasonal card is a great accompaniment to any baker’s gift. Everybody loves cookies!

5) This apron is perfect for any amateur chef who is looking for practicality in the kitchen without sacrificing style!

6) An enticing cookbook by Deb Perelman, creator of the revered Instagram account @smittenkitchen, is guaranteed to be chock full of deliciousness!