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I'm always on the lookout for great gifts for my two young kids and their friends (so many birthday parties!). It's actually quite fun to find things I know they will use, play with, and love. Here are a few of my picks for this holiday season!

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids | Blog | Smudge Ink1) In our family, we travel a lot to visit family and friends. Sometimes we drive and sometimes we fly, but we always have a good time. I love that my boys are interested in visiting new places, and we're hoping to get a subscription to Little Passports this holiday season! 

2) Kids love making things and using their imaginations. These connecting pieces can be used to make patterns and even 3-D structures all while practicing fine motor skills and trial and error to fit everything together just right. 

3) Trivia is great for dinner conversation, long car rides, and for generally impressing your friends. This book is full quizzes with interesting answers. Quiz each other or read facts soloeither way it's bound to be an interesting read! 

4) So many kids are into superheroes, and why not? They're awesome! This kid-owned company has a really interesting take on the superhero trend: celebrate what makes YOU super! The capes are adorable and highlight kids' gifts—from math to kindness, they're super. 

5) Nobody Likes A Goblin is a picture book that has all you could ask for: goblins, skeletons, adventurers, a goose, doom! It's a fun romp that you won't mind reading 2 or 3 times in a row and there's a nice lesson about friendship to boot.

6) If you want to get a shirt your kid will love, check out these super soft tees. Plus the neck holes are a little wider than usual to make it really easy for little kids to dress themselves. Oh, and did I mention that the designs are ridiculously cute? (Note: they're based in Australia.)

7) In my experience, kids really enjoy writing and delivering letters. E.B. Goodale's new mini notes make this activity even more fun. What better than writing a teeny note on a super sweet folded card and popping it into a colorful envelope?