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Meet the Team: Jessie Berlingo

Today we're getting to know Jessie, the newest member of our team. She's a fulfillment assistant here, and she's fun to have around. Jessie makes sure orders are packaged correctly. She also really loves Japan, and you can definitely see a Japanese influence in her artwork. 

Jessie Berlingo(image: Jessie in a garden)

What is your favorite Smudge Ink product/design?

How do you choose!? I am a big fan of E.B. Goodale’s animal drawings, and I also have a soft spot for the Two Bikes Anniversary Card, since it was the first anniversary card I ever saw where I thought ‘I’d like to receive that someday!’ (haha)

Describe your ideal Saturday.

A day spent in a cozy café, drawing, writing, and chatting with loved ones. If the café has or is near a garden, even better.

Birds and Blossoms Pattern by Jessie Berlingo(image: Birds and Blossoms Pattern by Jessie)

How long have you been designing cards?

I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember, and have always made cards to give to friends and family, but I think I only starting seriously designing cards after I went to Japan in college, and fell in love with the variety of stationery there.

For a Rainy Day Card and Seal by Jessie Berlingo(image: For a Rainy Day Card with Seal by Jessie) 

What is your favorite place in Boston?

The Esplanade in the spring. It can get crowded, but I love the cherry trees and being near the water.

Where does your love of art come from?

I tend to think visually, and I’m better at expressing myself through images than through words, so an inclination towards art came naturally. I experience the world through art.

Turnaround by Jessie Berlingo(Turnaround by Jessie)

Thanks, Jessie! If you'd like to check out out more of Jessie's artwork, you can visit 
her online portfolio