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So. The 2017 National Stationery Show happened. It's done. We did it! Now that we've had a long weekend to recover from the annual whirlwind I'm here to share some behind-the-scenes of setting up our booth. 

Eric and I did all of the building in our garage, so we started by hauling everything into the front yard and very carefully packing it all into my father-in-law's minivan. 

nss17_01nss17_02We left for NYC around 11:00 am on Thursday and by the time we got to the Javits Center, unloaded our walls, made our way to our space, and parked the car it was about 6:00 pm. We spent 2½ hours setting up the walls and then we headed to my Aunt's house in New Jersey for a good night's sleep. 

nss17_03we arrive to these lovely black curtains delineating our space

nss17_04the walls are up!

FRIDAY, May 19
Eric and I arrived back at the Javits Center around 8:00 and unloaded the rest of our booth materials from the minivan. Erin and George joined us a little later. Together, we put up the shelves, laid down our flooring, built a few pieces of furniture, and put together a little endcap cabinet. The hardest thing we did was to apply a huge curtain decal to the E.B. Goodale display. It took forever! We worked until 6:00 pm and then called it a night.


We got so much accomplished on Friday that Saturday was a total breeze! We put all of our product onto the shelves and tables, arranged the furniture just so, touched up the walls and furniture, and (most importantly) we hung up our big blowfish, hedgehog, and ostrich!


We were completely done with set up by noon and we parted ways for a relaxing afternoon off before showtime. I was lucky enough to get some much-needed sister time 

Come back next week for Part 2 our of NSS Recap and to see the finished booth!