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Beating the Heat in Concord: Our Summer Outing

For this year’s summer outing, we headed 18 miles outside of Boston to the historic town of Concord. We spent the day walking the famous paths of the American Revolution and cooling off in the shady beaches of Walden Pond. Eric kicked it off by doing some extensive research at...

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I Get Around: Colorado Part 2

Nathan's mom laughed when I told her the story of how the rental car lady compared Telluride to heaven. Apparently, the name Telluride is a shortened version of the phrase "To hell you ride!" Back in the olden days, Telluride was known for being full of hellions (i.e. bandits, thieves,...

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I Get Around: Colorado Part 1

Last month, I made my first trip to Colorado. It was a place I've been wanting to check off my travel list for a while, and upon arriving in Denver, I got to check off another milestone. PICK UP MY FIRST EVER RENTAL CAR! HELLO, ADULTHOOD! Well, sort of, if that means getting...

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I Get Around: Washington DC

(image: inside the White House) In April, Pete and I took our girls to Washington D.C. It was a near-perfect family road trip. On the way, we stopped in Philadelphia to see some good friends and their baby boy. We ate some amazing deep dish pizza at a place called...

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I Get Around: Berlin + Vienna

Earlier this month, I flew to Berlin and then Vienna with my mom for an eight-day birthday trip. Both of us celebrated milestone birthdays this year, and we decided that the best way to usher in a new decade was to go on an adventure abroad. It was a treat...

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