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Installing New Shelves | Blog | Smudge InkTHE GOOD. So many great things happened this month! First, we hired two new fulfillment assistants. We've all been pinch-hitting to fill orders while we searched (and searched) for the right people. It took us a few months, but Erin and Molly were definitely worth the wait. Both are talented creatives (see here and here) who get our quirky sense of humor and have the positive attitudes to match. We are so glad they are part of the crew! Second, the summer outing was a hit! It’s been one thing after another so it was nice to hit pause for a day and talk about things other than work. And last but not least, we got another press! Lovingly named Athena, she is truly glorious. Margaret got her up and running yesterday and the new chugging and hissing sounds are music to our ears. She's really going to help speed up our production time.

THE BAD. We're in the middle of reorganizing our space and it is a MAJOR pain. Basically, we’re moving our inventory from one room to another. But first, we had to clear out and rearrange big (and heavy!) furniture, computers, and equipment to make the layout more functional and have room to install brand new shelving. I don’t even want to think about how many boxes of cards, stacks of wrapping paper, and piles and piles of stuff we’ve lugged. The 99% humidity and 95 degree weather wasn’t doing us any favors either. It hasn’t been fun but I know we’ll be able to utilize the space better once we get through this messy part.

THE UGLY. Given the aforementioned humidity and heavy lifting we basically look like this. Yikes.