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Our New Print Manager! | Blog | Smudge InkTHE GOOD. Our new print shop manager, Julie, officially started! Brimming with energy and passion for letterpress, Julie moved all the way from Wisconsin to take the job, and we couldn't be happier. Emily and Margaret are throwing a lot at her as we have a ton to print right now but that isn't phasing her one bit. She's already learned how to sweet talk to Heidi and Handsome. Welcome to the team, Julie!

THE BAD. We got a huuuuuuuge order that needed to be filled in the span of just three weeks. That in itself is not bad (pretty awesome actually!). However, coupled with being short-staffed, the situation called for everyone to pitch in with packaging on top of their usual responsibilities. Sabrina probably boxed up 1,000 boxes of cards last week! I brought home hundreds of cards every night for a week and even got a few of my friends to help after work one evening! Now every flat surface in the shop is covered with boxes as we double-count the order and get it ready to ship. 

THE (NOT SO) UGLY. This happened last weekend. Talk about spectacular.