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2017 Holiday Release | Smudge InkTHE GOOD. At the beginning of the month, we had another photo shoot with Lara over at The Studio Nouveau in Waltham. She took some gorgeous photos for our 2017 Holiday Catalog and Spring Supplement. (Yep, you heard that right … we’re already gearing up for the holidays.) Lara is so easy to work with and she’s really great at helping us get the shots we imagine. We also had fun getting everyone’s headshots taken. I’ve been itching to update our About Us page, and it’s finally happening (soon-ish)!

Our spring release has been in the making since September when we started designing calendars and holiday cards and working through some packaging ideas. We’ve also added new everyday greetings, gifts wrap and tags, and fun origami notepads to the line (stay tuned!). As I put together the final touches on the catalogs, it felt so good to see everything come together. We even had all of our samples ready to go out to our sales rep this week as planned! We set a schedule and stuck to it—go, team!!

THE BAD. Oh boy. This month was not nice to our industrial paper cutter. It was malfunctioning and spent, over the course of the month, several days out of commission. As a result, our printing schedule got backed up because we couldn't trim paper down to size. And cards that were printed started piling up when they couldn't get their final trim. After some trial and error and talking with a few experts, we're up and running again. But it was pretty stressful (and expensive). So glad that's over. Phew!

THE UGLY. It is currently snowing. Sigh.