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Smudge Ink Photo ShootTHE GOOD. We started the month with a visit from fellow stationery addict, Kristina Burkey! Kristina is the sassy and sweet girlboss and snail mail Instagrammer extraordinaire behind Calliope Paperie. She and her husband, Rob, stopped by the studio (with a box of Union Square donuts in tow!) to get their hands dirty and learn some of the basics of letterpress printing. The best way to learn is to jump in so Deb walked them through how to operate Cookie (our Vandercook) and then Kristina took over and printed an entire envelope job like a pro. Check out her blog post about the visit!

The following week, Clayton and I headed over to Waltham for a photo shoot with the talented Lara Woolfson of Studio Nouveau. We sought Lara out after seeing her incredible work with other brands and companies. We’ve been working hard to put together our 2017 wholesale catalog, and we really want to step it up by including some top notch imagery. Luckily Lara was game to collaborate with us and help us think through our ideas for how we wanted to style and photograph our products. The shoot itself went really smoothly, and we had a lot of fun (and made a big confetti mess)! We can’t wait to show off the photos once the catalog is final! Outtake shown above.

Last but not least, it was just Thanksgiving! Everybody here spent quality time with their families and ate lots of good food. We also spent some time thinking about how lucky we are to do what we love—we couldn't do it without you, so thank you so much for following along and supporting small businesses. You totally rock!

THE BAD. I think we can all agree about what was bad this month. I'll leave it at that.

THE NOT-SO-UGLY. Gilmore Girls is back! Have you finished it yet?! (No spoilers—some of us are still in the middle!)