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We're Hiring: Shop Assistant


Smudge Ink is a design and letterpress printing business in Charlestown, MA. We manufacture and sell greeting cards, gifts, and custom invitations. Our team is friendly, hardworking, and a little silly.

Help us continue to grow by bringing your organizational skills, attention to detail, and enthusiasm. This part-time position is a great opportunity for somebody who wants to learn more about letterpress printing and small business!

This is a part-time position with flexible hours Monday and Tuesday. We are looking for somebody to work 12-16 hours per week (exact hours TBD). Start date will be January 2019.

A shop assistant is a crucial part of our team and plays a major role in making sure our products are produced in a timely manner. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

Trimming plates and setting up folders: We use plates for the printing process. All plates need to be cut to size and organized. 

Oiling presses and cleaning drip pans: Presses must be maintained and the work area needs to be cleaned regularly. 

Paper Cutter Maintenance: Like the presses, our industrial paper cutter needs care including regular blade changes.

Prep and finishing work: This includes prep-cutting press sheets, finish trimming, gluing notepads, mixing inks, edge painting, and folding cards.

Cleaning up and recycling: The press room can get pretty messy when we're busy. To keep things moving, the shop assistant helps with tidying and keeping up with paper recycling. 

Fulfillment assistance as needed: This may include shelving finished products and filling orders. 

Experienced and comfortable with power tools and equipment
Good with your hands
Must take safety seriously
Respond well to instruction and feedback
Ability to lift at least 40 lbs. (paper is heavy!)
Communication skills
Ability to multi-task and help out as needed in a team environment

To apply for this position, please email a resume and cover letter to george@smudgeink.com. Use the subject line SHOP ASSISTANT.

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