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Summer always comes with a few givens—high temperatures, trips to the beach, and parties of all sorts. It also, sometimes, means a new Smudge Ink intern! Hello! My name is Ryan Eagle, and I’m the Smudge Ink summer intern! Sorry I’m using so many exclamation points; I’m just very excited to be here!

Summer Party Printable | Smudge InkI’m also excited to share these printable summer party invites with you! When I was coming up with ideas for what to design, I thought of all the big summer parties I've been to over the years and what those involved. Whether it's a potluck or a cookout, there's always the same key componentfood, and lots of it.

Summer Party Printable | Smudge Ink
If you already couldn't tell by the throngs of people hanging by the grill, it's clear the hamburgers and hot dogs (or veggie burgers and grilled corn, in my case) are the stars of the show. I'll always remember the collective sigh of relief when the first batch of burgers were ready. Then everyone would eat, and the cycle would repeat.

Events like these take some planning and preparation, so hopefully these handy (and free!) invites will cut down on that time. Just fill in the blanks, pop them in a 7.25" x 5.25" envelope, and they're good to go. Now you've got some extra time to focus on what's really important—the food!

Click to download and print these fill-in party invitations now!

Party Invitation Printables | Smudge Ink