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Moms are the least likely people to treat themselves to anything. They’re too focused on what everyone else in the family needs or wants. So on Mother’s Day of all days, it’s the least we can do to surprise them with a thoughtful note and gift. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture just something that makes them feel extra loved and special. If you need help getting started, I paired some of my favorite Mother’s Day cards with gift ideas for your mom/wife/friend. Happy celebrating the most amazing ladies out there!

Mother's Day Cards and Gift Ideas | Smudge Ink1) This sweet card + CookieBox. For the one that taught you how to crack your first egg, fill up this simple yet smart-looking pine box with your own homemade treats and then let mom enjoy baking and presenting her treats in style.

2) This amazing card + fresh cut bouquet. If you don’t have your own garden to choose from, you can send a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers from Farmgirl Flowers. Not only will mom love the natural and whimsical style, she’ll be glad you supported American flower farmers.

3) This relaxing card + sunglasses. When’s the last time mom had some me time? Send her on her way to a sunny vacation spot with a pair of chic sunglasses from Warby Parker. Throw in some beach reading material and sunscreen too!

4) This Crayola-approved card + art book. Are Junior’s finger paintings and macaroni art slowly overtaking the kitchen fridge and counter? Try using Artkive, an app that lets you take photos of your kids’ artwork and turn them into a book that any proud mom will enjoy. Two gifts in one really: beautiful keepsake and tidy home!

5) This thirst quenching card + sugarbath cubes. Somehow moms know how to make lemonade out of anything! Let her hit refresh by turning your home bath into the ultimate spa experience. Outfit the bathroom with a nourishing bath soak (using these sugar lemon cubes from Fresh), plush towels, and aromatherapy candles.