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We love the new year at Smudge Ink. It’s the perfect time to shake things up and start fresh, and for us, this means coming out with brand new products and designs.

So what are we loving the most about our most recent release? NOTEPADS. The new line pops with bright and playful designs, and there is something about gridded paper that makes us want to start list making right away. We’ve also added 16 new boxed notes to our collection. It’s such a treat to write a note on a card you just love. With a growing variety of patterns and florals you are sure to find a few designs you can’t resist. Not to mention there are a whole bunch of new everyday cards hot off the presses. Stock up now and you will be so proud of yourself when you are card-ready for your mom’s birthday, your sister’s new baby and your friend’s engagement.

All of this and more will be making a debut at the upcoming NYIGF. Eek, there is still so much to do to prepare! Has anyone seen my notepad?


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