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Now that have returned from the holidays (some of us more tan than others), we are excited to kick off the 2013 wedding season. Happy engagement to all of you couples out there who are looking forward to saying their “I do’s” this year!

You’re likely glowing from all of the excitement until you start writing out lists of everything that needs to get done. Why not tackle some of that planning and be amused, delighted, and just plain ol’ inspired! Here’s where the Lovesick Expo comes in. Get to know vendors, check out the sleek green space at the Artists for Humanity, or catch a circus show (no, seriously). We’ll be there with our letterpress wedding collection and ready to get your ideas on paper! 

Hope to see you on January 20. Don’t worry, you’ll be back home in time to catch the next episode of Downton Abby! More info and tickets: