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I know that in the age of email, text and 160 character messages, the art of letter writing, particularly a heartfelt personal note, has gotten a bit lost. A handwritten Thank You note conveys an elegance and charm that emails just can’t replicate. It is a return of kindness, a small effort on your part to recognize the people who took the time to be involved in your life. The personal touch of a handwritten note on beautiful stationery can have a lasting impression.

Once you have the stationery and writing supplies, there’s always the daunting task of coming up with something to write. So how do you WRITE a note that is meaningful and memorable? Here are some helpful hints.

Begin with gratitude. The first line of your note should include words of appreciation and specifically mention what they did.

Thank you so much for coming all the way to Boston for my college graduation.
I’m incredibly grateful for the birthday money you sent.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to interview me for a position at your company.

Adding personal details is an important factor to a memorable Thank You note. People will appreciate knowing how their gift or gesture had a positive effect on your life. If they gave you something tangible, make them feel like your appreciation goes beyond their material contribution and that you recognize the thought and time they put into the gift as well. If their contribution helped form a warm memory, write about it.

The flowers you sent to celebrate my new job add a burst of color to my office and are a lovely reminder of what great friends I have.
I will never forget the weekend I spent as a guest in your home. Your family made me feel very welcome and the pancakes at breakfast were phenomenal.

I can’t wait to use the graduation money you sent to visit my best friend in California.

Look to the future. Tell them how you’re looking forward to seeing them again. If you know you won’t be seeing them anytime soon, mention that you’ll be thinking of them.

Sign off with warm regards. Ending with “Sincerely” or “Thank You” is the best formal option.  But for more informal relationships, possibilities include:

Yours truly,
Lots of  love,

Warm wishes,

Thank You notes only need to be a few lines. Short and sweet is the best way to go. A note sent promptly will show your sincerity but even if a month has passed, it will be just as cherished.

Have fun writing! If you have any questions about letter writing, please comment below or send them my way at info@smudgeink and I’ll be happy to get back to you!