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Lunchbox Notes Ideas

With regard to school lunches, I must say that I’m much less creative than April with regard to content (case in point: her kids' lunches). I certainly try to make them as healthy as possible but to appease my picky kids the lunches tend to have a lot of the...

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Summer Fun in 3D

3D cards are all the rage. At least they certainly were when I checked out the card collection at LOFT, an emporium of stationery, home goods, beauty supplies, and gifts. There were cards featuring classic Japanese themes like the ocean, morning glories, goldfish, fireflies, and fireworks. I especially like the details in the pop-up cards...

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Greetings from Tokyo: Mini Disney

Sometimes even a so-called adult gets an undeniable impulse to buy an embarrassing amount of miniature Disney stationery. Maybe it was because I needed a pick-me-up after I tried and failed to get a seat at the stationery café near Harajuku. I’ve been dying to check out the café, and...

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