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TWO WEEKS. That's the (extremely short) amount of time Clayton took to imagine and impeccably craft together his sister's wedding invitations. About nine in ten of his questions were met by incredulous looks from us. You want to do what? You need these finished by when? But in his ever upbeat and determined way, he turned his sister's love of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree into one of the most extraordinary invitation suites. From Clayton's rustic hand lettering, fold-out map, custom invitation pocket right down to the calligraphy and coordinating stamps, you could not be more excited to celebrate with everyone at his family's almond farm! We're especially thrilled you can read about and see more details of Clayton's labor of love on one of our favorite blogs, Oh So Beautiful Paper

When I asked Clayton if he had anything to add, he was quick to say he could never have possibly done this alone. While he left sweet gifts for all of us here at Smudge, he also wanted to leave a special thanks for his family. 

Thanks for contributing your two cents every step of the way in the design process. As much as I get annoyed, thanks for the constant reminders in the importance of food and sleep in the mania of procrastinated projects. Thanks for your love and support! Thanks Mom, Andrea, and Henry for the suite assembly line that ensured the invite's timely delivery. Thanks Ramsey and Liz for exchanging vows two weeks ago allowing this familial assembly line to successfully convene. Thank you Aunt Marilyn for the beautiful calligraphy on the envelopes! You and your uni-ball sign um-153 broad point white pen left a beautiful mark on the wedding suite! Thank you again Aunt Marilyn for inspiring me to create these invites as a gift to my sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law ... much as you do in offering your calligraphy services to the newlyweds you encounter in your life. Finally, thank you California Sunshine for reinvigorating me with the well-needed dose of vitamin D that I received from you while on my short visit to the West Coast.

Now hurry up and get married Andrea! I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to hit the open bar and dance. Love you, Drea!

- Clayton