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Sometimes even a so-called adult gets an undeniable impulse to buy an embarrassing amount of miniature Disney stationery.

Maybe it was because I needed a pick-me-up after I tried and failed to get a seat at the stationery café near Harajuku. I’ve been dying to check out the café, and to my disappointment, it was incredibly crowded (see image on the left). Clearly I wasn’t the only person who wanted to spend a gray afternoon perusing letter sets, notebooks and writing goods from around the world while enjoying a sandwich and coffee. Or maybe it was simply because I can't resist uniquely shaped greeting cards, especially when they are teeny tiny with vintage Disney designs.

The point is that when I got home, I looked over my Disney purchases and seriously wondered how I could possibly use these itty bitty cards. The Alice in Wonderland (shown with my pen to give you a sense of what I mean by mini) and Mickey Mouse book cards would make great gift tags on a present for a bibliophile who loves animation. The ‘Mini Mini’ book cards and Seven Dwarves ‘hug cards’ are so ridiculously small, they serve no discernible purpose besides being really cute. I’ll probably end up using them like confetti in a letter to my Disney-enthusiast best friend.

I see these little cards in almost every stationery store I come across in Tokyo and I’ve come to the conclusion that if you like Disney and things that are adorably small, Tokyo will not disappoint you. So come visit!