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Free Grandparents Day Printable for the Kiddos

by Sabrina Garber

This Sunday (September 13) is Grandparents Day. I will guess that the majority of people aren’t even aware it’s a holiday, most of all the honorees themselves. Nanna and Gramps love us (maybe more so than they do their own children!), and they don’t expect to be celebrated for it. This is even more reason to acknowledge the day and let them know how much we love them right back. 

As a gift that only requires a bit of coloring and imagination (and perhaps some parental help with writing depending on the child’s age), we created a fun printable letter that kids can fill in and give to their grandparents. Our resident first grader, Abigail, let us feature her beautiful letter to her grandmother here! She simply followed these easy steps:

1) Click on the links below to download and print the Grandparents Day printable. Each is 2 pages.

Printable for Grandma
Printable for Grandpa

2) Color, draw, and fill in the blanks!
3) Cut along the gray outline of each page and glue the pages back to back to make one sheet.
5) Orient the sheet so that the width is longer than the height and lay on its “gift wrap” side. Fold so that the left and right edges meet in the middle to complete the ribbon.
6) Use a little tape to keep the letter closed and “wrapped up.”
7) Give to a grandparent for him or her to cherish!

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