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Mailing cards to my friends and family in a TIMELY manner has never been my forte. The belated birthday card was created for folks like me. A part of me knows it’s the thought that counts, but another part is shaking its finger at me for letting this habit of mine get worse and worse. Rather than resign myself, I have just the trick to motivate me to stay on track—our new perpetual calendar!

Getting Organized with a Perpetual Calendar | Smudge Ink
Just having all of the birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones I don’t want to forget listed in a separate calendar will be a huge help. Oftentimes, they get lost in the shuffle of daily appointments and deadlines that make up my Google calendar. Plus, I would much much rather look at a beautiful letterpress print over my phone any day!

Getting Organized with the Perpetual Calendar | Smudge Ink
I’m already feeling more organized and prepared by writing down the dates month by month. Another benefit of using the perpetual calendar is that I’ll be better about having cards and gifts ready ahead of time. I really dislike sending something just because I waited until the day of and it was all I could find at the grocery store. Not that there is anything wrong with the grocery store, but I really do enjoy searching for the right card or gift. Now I can stockpile by month so that I have everything I need when I need it.

And the best part, come next year, all I have to do is turn another page!

Getting Organized with the Perpetual Calendar | Smudge Ink