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Growing up, my mother always lovingly forced me to write thank you's. It has now become a good habit, but as I've gotten older, I've noticed the selection of cards that I am drawn towards has gotten slimmer and slimmer. The desire to find a card that was simple, sincere, and handsome to the eye was the inspiration behind The Modern Gentleman's Note Cards

The Modern Gentleman's Note CardsYou can check out my Pinterest board for more of what I was inspired by when designing the line. I wanted the note cards to appeal to any guy who appreciates the handcrafted and handwritten (like me!) and finds joy in rediscovering an old classic. 

Inspiration Modern Gentleman Pinterest BoardFor most of us, we form strong sentimental attachments to certain objects. Old oil cans will forever remind me of Papa (my grandfather) who worked constantly on restoring old Model-T cars. When it came to finding appropriate imagery, I looked for objects that would hold similar nostalgic associations. The illustrations feel almost playful tempered by a minimal color palette of black and white.

That's pretty much it. Really, just a guy looking for a good solid note card.

(top image credits: Sarah Jayne Photography and The Little Things)