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Jenny Milwid is the creative force behind Leveret & Hare. We've been an admirer of her calligraphy and lettering from the moment we caught a glimpse of her Instagram feed. And lucky us, she was all on board when we approached her about collaborating on a new wedding invitation suite!

Modern Hand Lettering Invitation Suite by Leveret & Hare | Smudge InkPairing Jenny's modern style with letterpress was a dream come true. We are thrilled to introduce Jenny’s hand lettered suite—an invitation and a save the date—to our wedding line. As part of this exciting reveal, we asked Jenny to tell us a little more about herself.

Can you tell us a little about how you got started in calligraphy and lettering? What first got you interested?
I’ve always been interested in letterforms, but the first time I tried calligraphy was to create invitations for my wedding. I enjoyed it so much that I started practicing regularly. I then met Erin + Rose of Forêt and I told them that I wanted to pursue it more in a professional context. They were kind enough to give me a chance with one of their projects, and the rest is history! Without the inspiration and encouragement from these talented ladies, I would not be doing what I love today.

Calligraphy and Lettering by Leveret & Hare | photo by Ruth Eileen Photography(photo by Ruth Eileen Photography)

How would you describe your style?
I have a few different styles that I use depending on aesthetic of the project. I generally lean towards modern calligraphy, but take cues from classical calligraphy, especially Copperplate, in my line weights and rhythm.

Calligraphy and Lettering by Leveret & Hare | photo by White Loft Studio(photo by White Loft Studio)

What is the most memorable or challenging project you’ve taken on?
This past December I worked with the award winning online shop, Eat Boutique, to create signage for their 2015 holiday market. They wanted to integrate my lettering in a variety of ways throughout the market, and the trickiest piece was creating the window signage. There were 10 windows (and 3 doors), approximately 5’x4’ in size, each. This was the first time I’ve designed and hand-lettered on such a large scale (and on a short timeline!), as the majority of my projects are 8.5”x11” or smaller. It was a great learning experience in terms of thinking through the design and application process (such as hand painting letters on windows backwards). You can watch this video to really get a sense for the space and environment we created.

Calligraphy and Lettering by Leveret & Hare | photo by Ruth Eileen Photography(photo by Ruth Eileen Photography)

What are some creative tools/aides you cannot work without?
A pen holder, nibs (I love the Brause 361 Steno Nib aka Blue Pumpkin and Zebra G), a light table, Rhodia blank and grid paper, and Sumi ink. On the technology side, it is my Macbook Air and recent addition iPad Pro + Pencil.

Calligraphy and Lettering by Leveret & Hare | photo by First Mate(photo by First Mate)

Which calligraphers and/or artists have inspired you the most?
There are many inspirational calligraphers out there. Here are a few that have been particularly influential: Seb Lester, master penman Jake Weidman, Written Word Calligraphy, Mon Voir, Molly Jacques, Jessica Hische, and Dana Tanamachi.

Still can’t get enough? You can find more recent work by Leveret & Hare in Style Me Pretty and Boston Weddings. Thanks, Jenny!