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Bounce House Card | Smudge InkAll right, so maybe bounce house isn’t on your bucket list this summer. Still, whatever you were going to do to take advantage of the sunny skies and hot temps, you have less than 30 days to get your act together! In an effort to motivate, I asked everyone here: What are you still hoping to check off on your summer gotta-do list? 

CLAYTON: My mother gave me a gelato machine. I am grateful. With that, between rock climbing, running, and traveling, I have spent little time with my machine. On my summer bucket list: 5 flavors of gelato. Flavor recommendations, anyone?

SARAH: I have yet to roast a marshmallow this summer! S'mores are definitely at the top of my bucket list! Another to do: a picnic and kite flying at Larz Anderson park.

APRIL. One of my goals this summer is to eat an entire SMALL ice cream cone from Kimball's by myself. I don't know if it's possible because they're so big, but I'll give it a try.

DEB: We haven’t made it to Crane Beach at all this summer. I’m hoping to get there at least once before the weather gets cold. Technically, we have until Sept 21/22ish, when it's still really nice to spend a day there. 

MOLLY: One thing that is still left on my bucket list for the summer is going to the beach! I have yet to make it there and am definitely hoping to get one beach day in before the summer is over!

ERIN: The summer is going by so quickly and I realized I still haven’t gone back home to Maine and treat myself to a lobster!

JULIE: As a recent transplant, my summer has been filled with a lot of touristy hits. I’m hoping to go on a Duck Tour by summer’s end.

MARGARET: I need to haul myself and all my stuff to Nevada. What is summer without an impromptu cross country road trip?

ZOARD: There’s a public pool nearby that is worth every penny of its $0.75 entrance fee. I should use it more.

SABRINA: I don’t own a bike, and biking in the city terrifies me. But every summer I like to rent one for the day and ride the Minuteman Trail through leafy suburban Boston. My husband says I should just buy a bike and we can do it anytime. Maybe I should put that on my list too!