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It was about five years ago—geesh, has it really been that long?—when I ran my first marathon with Team in Training in Nashville, Tennessee. For those of you who aren't familiar, Team In Training is a branch of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's (LLS) efforts to raise awareness and funds for blood cancer research and treatment for patients. It's a great cause, and I had an unforgettable experience both training and running thanks to all of the support from friends, family, and acquaintances. 

Team in Training Marathon Letterpress PrintSo I've signed up for Team In Training (TNT) again but this time to run the Chicago marathon. As part of my fundraising effort this year, I really want to reach a broader audience and decided to create something (other than that warm fuzzy do good feeling) as a way to raise funds. I thought back to my original Team In Training endeavor and immediately was inspired by my obsession with Hatch Show Print, a historic letterpress shop I had visited during that same trip to Nashville. Of course, a letterpress print poster! Funny how things always come full circle.

Team in Training Marathon Letterpress Print PosterSo about the poster: It's an 11"x17" poster letterpress printed here at Smudge Ink on a 300 gsm piece of paper that fits nicely in any store-bought 11" x 17" frame. No custom framing required! The design, though modern and abstract, alludes to the bottom of a running shoe and inconspicuously features the LLS blood drop emblem; pretty much the two tenets of what Team In Training stands for really. And as a selling point, it's abstract enough to go with most home decor! I would like to think that it's a poster that would make both Hatch Show Print and Massimo Vignelli proud (not to mention LLS, of course).

So here's the deal! I'm asking for a minimum of $15 donation in exchange for a poster ($20 if shipping is required). My fundraising goal is $2,400. As members of the team, we have all put down the first $100 of our fundraising goal. So I still have $2,300 more to go! But fundraising doesn't have to stop there; the more the better in this scenario. That's where spreading the word and making a donation comes in.

Go to my fundraising page and make a donation electronically and share the link and this blog post with others! The donation goes directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

If you make a donation and I know you, there's no need for shipping; I can deliver it or find a way to mail in bulk to family and friends in a consolidated geographical location where disbursal can easily ensue. If I don't know you, please leave a comment or send an email (through my fundraising page) with your name and a mailing address. Or if you're in the Boston area, come on down to Charlestown and pick up your poster at Smudge Ink!

Team in Training Marathon Letterpress PrintALSO, starting September 6, posters can be found at Marathon Sports (Brookline), Black Ink (Cambridge) and hopefully soon at Forge Baking Company, Loyal Supply Company, and Brooklyn Boulders (all in Somerville).

One more ALSO, should there be any paper companies, paper stores, paper blogs, or paper enthusiasts reading this and want to really go big and sponsor me, I'll put your company name on my jersey! 

In sum, donate to this cause to help stomp out blood cancer. Stay tuned for updates on a follow up blog post, post October 9th when fundraising and marathon running have both culminated to hopefully an uplifting end!

Team in Training Marathon Letterpress PrintP.S. to Emily and Margaret, you will be happy to know that I have been taking care of good 'ole Cookie (vandercook printer) while you gals have been out of the print room.