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Happy National Puppy Day! To celebrate, Sarah and I rounded up some of the best cards out there that feature our favorite furry friends. Because whether you want to say “happy birthday” or “gee, I’m sorry” sending a card with a pup on it will not disappoint. Below are the ones that we found extra loveable …

Dog Card Round Up | Blog | Smudge Ink
1. Send a little happy in the mail with our balloon-toting and dashing dachshund birthday card!

2. When you mess up, it’s time to bring out those big puppy dog eyes with this adorable bulldog by Lucky Horse Press.

3. Some folks just like to keep it cool on their birthday. Others wish for a tambourine playing corgi. Thank you, Emily McDowell.

4. When you’re in love, it’s no time to hold back. Fortunately, CorgiThings has got your back with their pizza-eating corgi card!

5. We love Boston. We love dogs … especially ones who know the local lingo.

6. Wild Ink Press knows any kid or adult would woof receiving this oh-so-cute card

7. Every dog has its own personality and that is one thing this quirky card by Ohh Deer does not lack! 

8. Mini ones, tall ones, spotted ones, furry ones, and even hot ones, this adorable HelloLucky card celebrates them all!

9. Clearly we have a thing for bulldogs and this irresistible face by our own Erin Ellis is no exception! Don’t we all have some reading we’d like to catch up on?

10. What’s better than 101 dalmatians? One big Dalmatian and another one on the way! Such a sweet card to announce a new baby by Mr. Boddington.


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