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Victorio Nakata(photo credit: Victorio Nakata via Instagram)

Happy Friday, everyone! We’re looking forward to resting our aching backs from all of the shoveling. What about you? Here are few links that made us chuckle through the snowstorm this week …

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Secret draws, dances, does yoga, and puts us to shame.

Is there such a thing as laundry zen? We weren’t sure until we saw this makeover. But really, everyone needs to channel a little Outkast in their laundry room. 

When stuck indoors with two restless children, make French fries.

Even after an epic face plant, Olly is having the time of his life. The announcer is clearly loving it too (though perhaps not the woman trying to keep up!).

It’s true. Benedict Cumberbatch can’t say it.

So this video of Marion busting into her dad’s BBC interview almost blew up the Internet this week. Because it’s So. Good. And her press conference? Priceless. 

Only one more dog video, promise! Plus, this one has an itty bitty kitten.